About Yoga:

You probably have some ideas about what you think Yoga is and why you want to do it.  People usually come for exercise, to improve flexibility and for relaxation, and Yoga can give you all of those.

You might be surprised to learn that there are many strands of philosophy and scripture that lie behind the practice of Yoga.  I’m not a purist about Yoga though and don’t subscribe to any one strict doctrine.   In my experience, Yoga brings you back to yourself on every level: the physical practice helps to restore awareness of your body and breath; through meditation you get to know what’s on your mind and how it works; and regular practice can ultimately re-connect you with your own stillness (or spirit if you believe in that).

I am inspired by teachers like Julie Martin who, as a former dancer, brings a fluid, creative and joyful quality to the movements which we are working towards in our Yoga classes.